Southern Bulb Construction = Bulbs Dug!

This is fun. We have crazy combos of bulb mixes available of some our most cherished and traditional southern heirloom Narcissus ready for sale right now.

Why? Because we’re fixing ponds and building a new road at the Southern Bulb Company farm. Since I’ve stacked bulbs into about every nook and cranny of this 22 acres, when we do construction projects we have to DIG DIG DIG! Kind of like a dig here, dig now campaign (before the dozers come!)

Pond is getting a makeover.

Marking the row for digging.

Last, this was NOT FUN! When your website accidentally says you have 1 Mrs. James Hendry available but you really don’t and a customer orders it. You’ve got to get one to them, and in this case that means digging it from my garden. Good bye my precious Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry.’ We will miss you from our garden but hope you like your new home.

Digging up our sandy loam soil rows to get the bulbs out.

Road and lake construction project.

Storing the bulbs in the barn.

Digging a Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry’ from my personal garden because our website mistakenly sold one to a customer.

Lots of bulbs!

Narcissus freshly harvested in the summer. Small compared to the modern large daffodil bulbs.

Getting the foliage off the bulbs.

Bulbs in the truck

Some of these rows were “sorting” rows, meaning that as we’ve dug over the last 14 years (yes, we’ve now been around for 14 years) many times the bulbs are mixed. We put them in rows and let them bloom and as labor and money permits we “clean” them up and put all of the bulb babies with the rest of their families in other rows where they belong. Since we had to dig these early, they are mixed up. We have a general idea of the main selection in the mix, but mixed it is so we’re offering some discounts. Take a look at the link below to see some of them:

Putting the tractor to work.

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