Welcome to The Bulb Hunter blog. This is where we write about all of the exciting ways flower bulbs can brighten your life and your garden. From heirlooms, to natives, to perennials, to annuals…bulbs have a place in your garden and your life.  


My story: My passion for flower bulbs began as a child with a red tulip.  That vibrant first bloom from something brown that looked like a rock excited in me a passion for flower bulbs!  The next year, foliage came up, but no bloom. The year after that, nothing came up. I dug down into the dirt to find the rotted remains of my precious red tulip. I was horticulturally scarred at a young age! What had I done to kill my tulip.  I wanted a flower bulb that would come back every year.  Little did I know, my quest for perennial flower bulbs would lead me on a hunt for heirloom flower bulbs on old abandoned homesites. 


Here’s the deal: With almost 20 years of collecting bulbs, I’ve come to love all bulbs…from forced bulbs in pots for celebrations, so cut flowers for weddings. But my passion is for perennial garden bulbs in YOUR climate.  

  • These bulbs will be like old friends that pop back into your life, and you’ll always be glad to see them.  
  • These bulbs will leave a legacy for your children and your children’s children.  
  • These bulbs are investments for the future of your garden.

Narcissus Italicus Product Video

Buy Narcissus italicus here! https://www.southernbulbs.com/narcissus-tazetta-italicus/ Find us here! The Southern Bulb Co. – https://www.southernbulbs.com Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thesouthernbulbco/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/southernbulbs The Bulb Hunter Blog –

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Exploring an Old Home Site

  Chris Wiesinger, the Bulb Hunter, explores an old home site.   Buy bulbs here! https://southernbulbs.com/ Contact us!The Southern Bulb Co. – https://www.southernbulbs.comInstagram – https://www.instagram.com/thesouthernbulbco/Facebook

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Forcing Pink Impression Tulip Kits

Pink Impression Tulip Kits are great for a winter-time project. Buy Pink Tulip Impression Kits here! Large $55 – https://www.southernbulbs.com/gift-kit-tulip-forcing-kit-large/ Medium $40 – https://www.southernbulbs.com/gift-kit-tulip-forcing-kit-medium/ Small

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