Yesterday the dust cleared enough for us to begin playing the game of catch up!

First of all…bulbs.  Crinums are beginning to bloom everywhere.  We went through a period of drought, but as many of you know, crinums will survive this without any problem.  But it is always the rain that really triggers them to bloom and look good.  That is why some people call them rain lilies (but we usually reserve that name for Zephyranthes and Habranthus).  Thank you, Jackie of The Olive Barn, for sharing your picture of Mrs. James Hendry on our Bulb Hunter Facebook page!

Although we have not made it back up to the Red Cabin yet, Rebecca is already planning and scheming ways to feminize the place. Yesterday we posed a question in the monthly newsletter asking folks to help us decide what color to paint a bookcase. Here are the options:

-Robins Egg Blue

-Antiqued White

-Summer Yellow

-Spring Green.

Other exciting new renovations include: moving from 10 gallons of hot water to a full size water heater; new wiring so a toaster oven doesn’t blow the circuits; and, a new tile floor. Pictures to come.

Here are some comments e-mailed to us from the newsletter.  Thanks for the response everyone!

“Robin egg blue, for sure!!! Congrats to you!” –Denise

“Congratulations and best wishes! Robins egg blue! P.S. Now you need to introduce a new and special bulb to commemorate the occasion.” –Ann

“…The bookcase???  Whatever Rebecca wants would be my choice…” – Mary

“The color of the bookcase -I don’t know … You’ll probably change your minds later and redo it.” -Mary

“Paint it robin egg blue and I got 1st dibs on renting the cabin when y’all move out!” Bryan in Mesquite, TX

“Congratulations first and second paint the shelf white or off white and decoupage pictures of flowers on the side. You are the bulbmaster right.” -Lois

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