Immobilized this morning by a down phone line and consequently no internet, I began the task of designing a shelving system. Rebecca seemed a little too happy about the lack of internet. She seized the opportunity to get more of my help in setting up the Red Cabin. We need to create shelves for three of our most necessary wedding presents, toaster oven, coffee pot, and microwave.

The range top on the 1940’s stove still works but the oven does not. Thank you, Dr. Bill and Lucille Welch, the toaster oven has already baked cookies and biscuits! In between unloading boxes and moving furniture today, I continued to prepare bulbs for sale. I’m too old to be laboring outside in this Texas heat!

Rebecca loves having these hairy, big-eyed neighbors living so close to the cabin. Proves my point that she is not an avid gardener – yet!

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