Harvested crinum blooms
Harvested crinum blooms

Even after a long, busy day yesterday, we still found the energy to harvest these crinum blooms.

The stink bugs were having a hay day crawling over every inch of the stems.

Rebecca made sure that I shook the flowers clean before bringing the blooms into the car. Dinner didn’t happen until after eight in the evening, but the lilies sure added to the ambiance of our little table.

Before turning in for the night, I noticed this beautiful moth resting in the eaves of the cabin near a nest I have been monitoring, and it looks as if these baby birds are about ready to leave home.

I found myself handling bulbs even before breakfast this morning. My associate, Michael Hardy and I have established relationships with contract farmers in Texas, Virginia, Mississippi and other states. These individuals purchase small bulbs from us, grow them until they reach a sellable size at which point we buy them back. This is done in addition to the growing we do here on the farm. For more information on this program, please contact Michael at info @ southernbulbs . com or visit our contact us page and shoot him an email.

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