Great view from the cabin
Great view from the cabin

Perhaps as old as Cain and Abel is a woman’s need to install contact paper in cabinets. I never quite understood this before, but after Rebecca completed this task, the results were remarkable. When you live in a fifty plus year old cabin, the dust, and critters are very difficult to control. Contact paper does seem to help.

I snapped this picture of her in action. We would like to officially introduce you to the newest member of the cabin that we are most excited about, Mr. Hot Water Heater.

Never before in the history of the cabin have two people been able to enjoy luxurious hot showers one after the other. If you haven’t noticed, we are just a little excited about this new addition. The bathroom, besides adding a few picture frames, is just about ready.

The shower curtain, towels, cabinet, and love bird hardware are all gifts from some of our friends and family!

To conclude the tour of the bathroom, I leave you with the beautiful view we have from one of the most important seats in the house.

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