From Rebecca Joy: There have been several defining moments over the course of my life, but few of them compared to the day I met Chris, The Bulb Hunter. Little did I know the whirlwind of activity that would follow our blind date in April of 2009.

From the first time my sister, Amy, saw Chris speak at The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Texas she knew that Chris would be a perfect match for me and worked hard to convince him of this fact. Amy went so far as to exclaim in the break room to other employees, I just met the man that my sister is going to marry!”  It took a little stalking on Facebook, but Amy is nothing if not convincing.

The first time Chris called me from the cabin, a bluebird dove into the room, circled his head, and left. Something inside told me that Chris and I might just be perfect for each other, but I discredited those feelings as being my ultra romantic female sensibilities at work. His peculiar way of life and love for flowers fascinated me, and I couldn’t wait to meet him in person. During the several weeks leading up to our meeting, my stomach was in knots. Until I saw his face, that is. Although not love at first sight, it came pretty darn close.

Chris and Rebecca at the Cafe Texan
Chris and Rebecca at the Cafe Texan

Engagement day about nine months after our first date.
Even through the cigarette smoke and greasy atmosphere at The Café Texan in Huntsville TX, Chris’ genuine smile and twinkling eyes captured my attention pretty much right away. Our first date was just long enough for me to see a glimpse of his strong character. My heart sank when it came to an end. We said our good-byes, and I secretly hoped for a second meeting.

Showing off the ring!

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