Just thought you all might like to know just how creative the Bulb Boy is. We inherited all kinds of interesting goods when John and Erin moved from Tyler this month, Quick Shine all purpose floor cleaner, cilantro in a squeeze tube (new one for me), and sugar free canned cocktail just to name a few items. The movers wouldn’t take anything liquid. Because the Wiesingers rarely throw anything away, Chris accepted all of these candles as well. When I skeptically asked where they would go, he arranged them in the fireplace for me.

Candles burning by brick
Candles burning by brick

Chris knew going into this marriage that I am only good for an hour at a time working outside in this wretched heat. I still think that he is surprised by my lack of tolerance for outdoor labor. I remind him that in some ways we are the weaker sex. Energized by the delivery of his new shredder, Chris braves the heat to do a little mowing around the cabin. I never knew that cows were too snobby to eat any weeds – imagine that!

Nothing quite like a good lookin’ man on a shiny blue tractor.

Even with our 1980’s air conditioning unit chugging away at full blast, I find myself feeling stuffy. Excuse me while I blow, I mean snuff out a few candles. Look at this creative gift we received from Rosemary, a candle snuffer – too much fun!

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