Lycoris incarnata in Louisiana

Lycoris across the South are beginning to bloom, but one in particular that we are now growing on the farm is Lycoris incarnata. I was able to give one to a friend in Lafayette this last spring, and here it is blooming in his garden. Thank you for sharing!

Lycoris incarnata in bloom
Lycoris incarnata in bloom

Garden in Lafayette, Louisiana

Remeber, the trick with Lycoris to help insure a fall bloom, is to plant them as early as possible and not allow the bulbs to dry out too much. I personally think the best time to plant them is in late April/early May, immediately after their foliage has died down. They will put out roots under the ground all summer long, and then will send up their blooms that fall. If Lycoris aren’t happy being transplanted, they can take up to two years to bloom.

Rebecca and I are back in the cabin preparing for the fall.

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