“I have two situations:
1. My front flower bed receives NO direct sun except in the early morning and late afternoon, and that is limited by angle of the sun. Are there any bulbs that would thrive in this shady condition? I currently have some coneflowers that return each spring and flower until fall. I’m looking for something that will produce anywhere from fall thru early to mid spring. Any suggestions?

2. We have a grassy area outside the yard fence where we’ve planted crimson clover. I think sprinkling bulbs in this mix would be really effective. This area receives full sun but little water except rain (of which we’ve had precious little). I think naturalizing maybe daffodils and paperwhites in here would be interesting. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your thoughts. – Marjean”

“Hello, Marjean! Red spider lilies and snowflakes would do well in your flower bed that receives almost no direct sun. The red spider lilies will bloom in the fall and will have foliage all winter. The snowflake will provide foliage in winter and will bloom in Early March. That should provide you with fall blooms, winter foliage, and spring blooms for this shady area.

Naturalizing daffodils is a great idea, but be sure to stick with the hardy tazetta variety. The tazetta variety performs and naturalizes well in full sun and without irrigation. Narcissus tazetta ‘Grand Primo’ would be very good as well as Narcissus tazetta ‘Golden Dawn.’ You can attempt the paperwhites, but they may not be as hardy as the two recommended above.

Right now is the best month of the year to plant red spider lilies for a same year bloom. We will be selling snowflakes and the tazetta daffodils beginning in September, because they are fall planted bulbs.

Thanks for writing,

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