Customer Question:

“I ordered two crinum lily bulbs yesterday on the computer. My question is are the bulbs large enough to bloom the first year?? – Barbara”

“Hello, Barbara.

Thanks for writing in. The crinum lily bulbs you ordered are “blooming size.” This means that they are full, mature bulbs that will produce blooms in their original place of planting. This being said, most bloom size crinum will take 2-3 years in their new place of planting (your yard) before producing blooms. This is because the large bulb has to get comfortable in its new soil, develop a strong root system, and produce energy-generating foliage to feed the bulb well the first few years.

The crinum may be the shyest bulb to bloom. But you can expect three great things from the crinum:

1) Nice, dark green foliage the first year planted in its new place of planting. This foliage lasts most of the year.

2) Robust, repeat blooms that are show-stoppers in 2-3 years. After blooming for the first time, no more waiting. You will have excellent blooms each following year.

3) Bulb multiplication. Crinums naturalize well with bulb offsets and form large, mature clumps of lush crinum foliage and blooms 4-7 years after planting. Not only does your patience pay off with the first bulb you planted producing, but you also receive payback in the form of more blooming offspring. Crinums are a great investment this way. Just like the wise and often quoted adage says, “Good things come to those who wait.”

To secure healthy foliage and blooms, be sure to plant the crinum where they will receive at least a half day of full sun (an entire day of full sun is most desirable). Ensure also that their soil has good drainage, although crinum don’t mind wet feet every now and again.

We look forward to hearing about good things from your crinum. The Southern Bulb Co. always sells blooming-size bulbs, and we are happy to serve you in any way we can!

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