“Can Byzantine glads be dug before the foliage turns yellow?”

Thanks for writing in. While it’s best to wait until foliage is a yellow-brown to dig Byzantine glads, you can still dig them while the remaining foliage is green. It shouldn’t hurt the plant too much as long as you get the glads back into the ground as soon as possible.

I wouldn’t recommend digging the glads before they bloom and while the foliage is green, getting ready to send up blooming shoots. You’ll probably miss the current year’s blooms if you dig and transplant before they bloom. But, if you must dig them up before they bloom, then they should be OK and bloom for you the following year. This being said, there is a chance that the glads may choose to skip a year of blooming in their new soil. No need to worry…just have patience until the second year and you should see blooms.

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