“Will the red spider lillies trive in Silver Spring MD – zone 6. i have found varying information on what ranges it can live in which have include both 6 and 7 on up to 10.” -Scott in Maryland

Hello, Scott.

Thanks for your red spider lily order and for writing in. The red spider lilies should do fine for you in zone 6, although we can’t “guarantee” it. The only risk to them “freezing out” would be if the ground froze through to the bulbs. Most freezes here in Texas never freeze the soil, only the plants and foliage above the ground.

If you are planting the bulbs in the ground and expect hard, soil freezes, then you might consider planting them 1-2 inches deeper than what’s on the planting instructions you receive. You can also cover them in 4 inches of wood chips or mulch. A second option would be to pot them and bring them inside during deep freezes. As a third course of action, you could plant them in the ground to bloom in early fall; after they bloom, dig them and pot them indoors or, store the bulbs by themselves in a dry, non-freezing place. You know best about your soil and climate.

Thanks, again, for writing in. Let me know if I can help in any other way!

Best regards,

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