“Hi there!
I thought you might enjoy seeing my great-grandmother’s Regina Crinum
beds. We separated some a few years ago and replanted new beds and
they are now overflowing. Planning to share some with siblings and
cousins when the time is right later this year. Any advice on how to
prepare a bulb for shipping to another state? Thanks!

Lauree in Goodlettsville, TN”

Hello, Lauree.

Thanks for writing in and asking for crinum shipping advice.

Crinum should do well when shipping to another location during summer, as long as you’re not shipping to California, Hawaii, or New Mexico. It is likely that the extreme heat of these three states will kill a crinum bulb in summer shipping heat. Shipping in early fall before freezing temperatures would be a good option for shipping to these 3 states and avoiding the heat.

When you dig and plan on shipping crinums to share, you should dig and let them dry out for about 3 weeks before shipping. Keep the crinum out of direct sun to keep them from cooking to death while drying out. Also provide good ventilation for the dry out process. Good ventilation and drying out the crinum well before shipping will help keep the crinum from rotting. After digging, you should also cut off any remaining foliage.

You can pack the crinum in peat moss to cushion and protect the crinum from heat during shipment. Once this is done, send them on out!

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