I thought I’d share some of the flowers from the farm today. Already starting to bloom are the pink rain lilies (Zephyranthes grandiflora). They are for sale on our website here if you want to buy some. I think they are pretty by themselves, but one of my favorite combinations is to see them used with regular old border plants like liriope. It can make a common situation not so common!

Also, we were given some pass-a-long samples of the terrestrial ground orchid today (Bletilla sp.) I accidentally said “thank you” but quickly caught myself! It can actually handle lower light levels and can work in spots that might otherwise be too shady for bulbs. We’ll get to propagating them right away!

I had to run by the tractor shop today to get a wheel fixed on my shredder. One of our dear friends walked in named Toby. I should have taken our picture together, but more importantly I really wish I could have asked her exactly what her role was at Texas A&M. I think she was one of the first women to ever attend there. I’ll have to e-mail and find out.

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