Another day on the farm is done! I’ve realized, many times have I realized this, that work on a farm is never over. We had some old junk metal that I hauled to the scrap yard. Have you ever been to the scrap yard? It’s a place you can take any metal and walk away with cash in exchange. You will find some interesting characters there! At the moment you can get $0.10 to $.12 for every pound of metal.

With all of that done, I hopped back on the tractor and got after it. I had to fix the back wheel on the shredder, but after that it ran like a champ. The plants in the cold frame continue to bloom nicely.

After that I ran by a friend’s house who is loaning us a table. She had made the most beautiful arbor and covered it with Confederate jasmine. A clematis even snuck in there. Jasmine blooms in late spring evenings have one of those fragrances that bring back all sorts of memories for me. My mom is actually one of those, so why not take this moment to wish all the mom’s out there a happy Mother’s Day!

Last note…pictures of the table and our first meal on our nice china are below. Rebecca has been hard at work!

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