I hate getting stuck.  Did anyone out there read my latest book “The Bulb Hunter” and remember the chapter where I got stuck on the coldest day of the year?  Well, today wasn’t the coldest day in the year, but it sure was frigid and I managed to get stuck.  It was an enticing 30 acres, and I just couldn’t wait to drive on it.  What wondrous bulbs lay just over the hill or down by the pond?  I surveyed where the old homesite was, but didn’t see any bulbs of note, but hope remained. All I had to do was cross one tiny little bar ditch.  The second I went in, I knew it was all wrong.  When you slide into place in the mud you know it’s bad, and when you get not an inch forward or backwards without the wheels spinning you know your done for.

The worst part?  I was warned. 

“It’s wet and we suggest you have 4 wheel drive.” 

“No ma’am, I hate to boast, but I can drive my 2 wheel drive truck in places a lot of 4 wheel vehicles can’t.” 

Well, the picture is proof that I was flat out wrong.  Thankfully, a good Samaritan named Brad drove by with his son Ethan.  I had my tow rope already pulled out and coiled on my hood just in case someone drove by.  Thankfully this is Texas! Within 1 minute of me pulling out my shovel and some wood to wedge beneath the wheels, along came Brad and Ethan in a 4 wheel drive truck rolling down their window to ask if they could help.

“I’m not going to ruin your afternoon,” I said in response to their offer.

“Got nothing to do,” he graciously responded.

Truth is, I was out in 2 minutes and on my way. No bulbs, but very thankful to be on my way.

The summer bulbs at the farm are all bundled up for a long winters nap. Look at the frozen foliage on the crinum acting as nice insolating blanket.

They’ll shake it off come late spring.  Only pull the dead foliage off if you’re willing to mulch them for some freeze protection.  Spring bulbs are about to pop. I saw my first double Roman (Narcissus orientalis) in Houston blooming last week! Oh, the fragrance.  So sweet.  I might already be ready for spring.

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