Well we survived our first winter with a little addition to our lives, and now we’re getting ready for spring.  We just did a soft release of Southern Bulb spring/summer products online at www.southernbulbs.com.  We’ll be doing a newsletter in about 3 weeks in conjunction with Chris’s (The Bulb Hunter) talk to the Alabama Master Gardener state convention in Mobile on Saturday February 28th.  http://www.alabamamg.org/AMGAConference.html

One of the bulbs we’re excited to have back this year is the Hymenocallis ‘Tropical Giant’!  Look for it for sale starting today, although depending on the weather shipping might be  a couple weeks out.

The Family Snow People - by Bobby Green

Hymenocallis ‘Tropical Giant’

Jo made it to the farm with me a couple weeks ago to help pull weeds and do heavy lifting. She was a big help.

The Family Snow People - by Bobby Green

Jo helping at the farm

Jo also made the trip with Rebecca and I to Fort Worth last week to give a talk at the Women’s Club.  She met a lot of new friends over lunch!

The Family Snow People - by Bobby Green

Jo also helping give a talk to the Women’s Club in Fort Worth last week/p>

That’s it for now, and the newsletter release will be coming in a few weeks.

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