***This is the second to the last blog of our summer review.  It is a short one.  The last one will take us up to the fall.  By the way, our website incorrectly marked our oxblood lilies as sold out. WE STILL HAVE SOME! I have made the change at www.southernbulbs.com and they are now available***

In early July we began to see the single orange daylilies begin to bloom all across the state, and they looked great when planted by Crinum ‘Ellen Bosanquet.’ What a combo, and a special thanks to a Smith County Master Gardener for putting this combination together!

Coming up next week, we will begin to talk about the South’s famous fall bloomers, including this beauty that we now have for sale. Does anyone know what it is?

Autumn daffodil (Sternbergia lutea)
Autumn daffodil (Sternbergia lutea)

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