I’ve written about my favorite pink rain lily quite a bit in the past, but unfortunately some of my old blog posts have been deleted. As we head into the summer months, this is a good time to mention it again. About now, many of our spring bloomers are wrapping up and we’ve all been outside when it was “a little too hot in the sun.” We’re mentally preparing for the dog days of summer! Well, this is a good time to prepare your gardens for the upcoming summer months as well. My favorite “seasonal” color for summer bulbs is the pink rain lily, Habranthus robustus (https://www.southernbulbs.com/habranthus-pink-rain-lily/). We sale them in 4″ containers right now for only $5.

My love affair is with the size of the bloom and the repeat nature of the blooms. Small bulbs pack large, open pink blooms. In a normal summer, I’ll have 3 to 5 blooms a season from a single patch. That’s a lot of bloom a lot of the time! I tuck them around the garden wherever I can. In addition to this, the blooms give way to seed pods. Those seeds can be spread around, and if treated well, they can turn into a blooming size bulb within a year. However, don’t be scared–I’ve never seen them become a nuisance. I only hear people saying they want more! We’ll run a newsletter next week through www.southernbulbs.com but they are available now online if there is any interest. Happy bulb hunting!

Nice Clump of Habranthus robustus
Pink rain lily making nice seed pods.
Habranthus robustus planted under trees with filtered sun in the summer.

Pink rain lilies making a nice addition on a garden border.

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