This is one of our favorite crinum bulbs, and we value it for the open blooms, good fragrance, nice foliage, repeat blooms, and strong stalks that don’t fall over when loaded with a big bloom. We never seem to have enough! However, our one gallon potted crop is coming along nicely and we are releasing some for sale. We mentioned it in the last newsletter, but it was not highlighted. In case you missed it, we’re sending out this note card.
If you live closer to the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Ocean (Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, etc), or in warmer climates like Southern California or Arizona, the Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry will bloom almost all year long in the absence of a hard freeze. The Southern Bulb Company is located in a Zone 8 and we receive 2-3 blooms from May through August. I have it planted all over my main flowerbeds at my personal house because I can’t get enough of it! Use other summer perennials likes salvia, lantanna, or angelonia to adorn the base of the bulbs. You’ll love the combo!
Order yours here.

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