Pink Impression Tulip Kits are great for a winter-time project.

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[Video Transcription:

I’m often asked about planting bulbs after December, and I’m going to write a whole blog post about how late you can plant bulbs, because you really want to do it in certain time periods. However, today I’m going to be talking about planting tulips in January, and we’re going to do that as a kit with these terracotta pots we picked up from an estate sale. And we have pre-chilled these Darwin-hybrid tulips. Now these are annuals, not perennials so I wouldn’t suggest doing this in your garden, but we’re looking for a fun project to get us through the winter. You can plant them now in January and they’re probably going to bloom for you around mid-March. So in essence, we’re forcing these bulbs as an annual. Now we still have a great selection of perennial flower bulbs online at you can plant and buy now for your garden. But here’s a little kit, a fun project to give us some spring blooms. These are pink impression tulips. I’m going to overlay some images of them in my garden where we forced them for bloom. They’re coming in three different sizes: a large kit with five bulbs, a medium kit with three bulbs, and a small kit with one. We’ll send you a little bag of soil, with the bulbs, and the terracotta pot. These are the pots that I picked up at an estate sale from an old orchid grower, so they’re really neat. We did these with our paperwhite forcing this winter and it worked out really well. So the medium kits have three bulbs. You would put your soil in, and then you put the bulbs on top of it like that. And then you come in and you sprinkle soil on top of them. Then you water them and you put them in a sunny spot and they’re going to bloom around mid-March. Then you’ll have some really pretty pink impression tulips blooming in your garden. Available at We’re probably only going to ship them until the end of January. So get your orders in and then we’ll move to other products come February.]

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