The “Incomparable” Daffodil – Narcissus incomparabilis

Introduction to Narcissus incomparabilis

The “Incomparable” daffodil, known scientifically as Narcissus incomparabilis, is an elegant and unparalleled in beauty. The heirloom Narcissus “Incomparable” has a subtle and refined petal/trumpet combination and a reliability as a perennial that we love. This is the single version of the ‘Butter and Eggs’ – also called ‘Orange Phoenix’ or even ‘Bacon and Eggs.’ Sometimes the overly large trumpets of some daffodils can be somewhat out of place in the garden.

Narcissus incomparabilis
Narcissus incomparabilis under a deciduous tree.

N. incomparabilis is never out of place in the garden.  It is the perfect blend of a reliable perennial heirloom Narcissus and a romantic trumpet shape of a daffodil.  As seen in the pictures on this post,  they are often found under deciduous trees in clumps on sites that were once old house garden sites.

Narcissus incomparabilis flower up close.
A full sun picture of the Narcissus incomparabilis bloom.

Characteristics of Narcissus incomparabilis

Narcissus incomparabilis naturalizing.
Narcissus incomparabilis naturalizing on an old East Texas homesite.
Naturalizing daffodils blooming in mid winter in Texas before the leaves on trees emerge.
Narcissus incomparabilis blooming in mid winter before the leaves on trees emerge.

Conclusion for the “Incomparable” Daffodil

We’ve had some disappointed customers in San Antonio and Houston who would love to try this bulb, but if you are in Zones 6-8, you should definitely give this daffodil a try. It is worthy of cottage gardens, formal gardens, forgotten gardens, and your garden! We often have them for sale at

Narcissus incomparabilis bloom held in a hand.
The “Incomparable” daffodil blooms are great for gardens and as cut flowers!

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