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Watch this short but informative video about snowflakes.

Termed “Snowflakes” by the gardening public, the Leucojum aestivum is by far one the most adaptable bulbs ever offered in the Southern US. This is the bulb that we suggest people try when they aren’t sure if they can grow perennial bulbs. During a season when people only consider daffodils to be early spring bloomers, this unusual bloom will steal your heart and captivate your attention. This diminutive bloom was once prized and plentiful in old southern gardens.

Bulb hunter in a field of Snowflakes - Leucojum aestivum
Chris, The Bulb Hunter, in a field of Leucojum aestivum.

Scott Ogden in his book Garden Bulbs for the South says this bulb “positively thrives in the South, and you could hardly ask for a more appealing spring flower.” Most spring-blooming bulbs are good only down to zone 8 or good for zones 8-10. The Leucojum aestivum, however, works great in zones 6-10! This fanciful bloom may look delicate, but this bulb is hardy, reliable, and vigorous.

Snowflakes with Narcissus incomparabilis in the back ground
Snowflakes blooming with daffodils in the background.


Bulbs often have similar names. The buyer often assumes that the bulbs are the same but just from different companies. Over the years, the Galanthus spp. “Snowdrops” is assumed to be the same as the heirloom Leucojum aestivum “Snowflakes”. Though they sound like they should be the same bulb, and the blooms do look similar, it doesn’t take long in the warmer areas of the south to realize that they aren’t the same. The Snowdrops just can’t endure over the years the hot dry summers of the south, whereas the heirloom “Snowflakes” thrive and exceed expectations.


Leucojum aestivum at an old abandoned home.
Leucojum aestivum at an old abandoned home.
Snowflakes with a Texas Star Narcissus blooming in the middle.
Snowflakes with a Texas Star Narcissus blooming in the middle.
Leucojum aestivum, the spring snowflake, up close.
Leucojum aestivum, the spring snowflake, up close.
Bees pollinating a Leucojum aestivum.
Bees love the spring blooming snowflakes.

Animals: The pollinators truly enjoy this bloom and make good use of it in early March. If you want a bulb that is resistant to deer and other critters, this is a great one for you. Our Snowflakes have even resisted the munching of goats, so we feel fairly comfortable recommending them to you as an animal-resistant bulb.

Field of snowflakes, Leucojum aestivum, in Northern Louisiana.
Field of snowflakes, Leucojum aestivum, in Northern Louisiana.

A Fun Story

Once, when speaking to a garden club in Monroe, a long time member of the club decided that she would like to show me her little patch of snowflakes. I often have such an invitation and see nice little clumps here and there in a garden setting. A surprise was in store for me when we turned onto her property and a field of white met our eyes!


From the northern parts of the Southern US to Gulf Coast towns like Galveston, this is one of the toughest bulbs in our gardening inventory. It handles part time shade better than the Narcissus and is a reliable bloomer every year. We hope you give it a try! Available at

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