Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may have heard any yellow daffodil affectionately referred to as a “jonquil”. Perhaps this is because the true Narcissus jonquilla “jonquil” is the first yellow daffodil to present itself each year and the name simply stuck for all. Those who are fortunate enough to live where this little Narcissus can grow know what a true gem it is. We are going to give you some information about the true jonquil flower bulb.

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How do you pronounce “jonquil”?

How to pronounce the word jonquil is shown very artfully by one of our very own artist, Anna, in the following visual.

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What makes the Narcissus ‘Jonquil’ so special?

If you watch the video above, you will see just a few of the reasons why we love the Narcissus “jonquil”. If we could pick just three words to describe the jonquil, they would be fragrance, beauty, and versatility. As a bonus, jonquils are also great pollinators for honey bees during warm February days. Here are just a few of the things that make the Narcissus “jonquil” so special:

Where should I plant the jonquil bulbs?

Because they are so small, these bulbs can be used in a variety of locations. They work best planted in the ground where they can naturalize and require little to no special attention. You can plant all the bulbs near each other to create a mass planting for a stunning late-winter display of color, or you can spread them among other Narcissus for little pops of color all over. You can plant them in containers as filler for dramatic color on a small scale. These work really well along borders and walkways or even within a rock garden. Be sure to plant some in a location where you can bring blooms indoors after you cut them.

How big are jonquil bulbs?

Jonquil bulbs are among the smallest of the bulbs that we sell. Don’t let their size fool you though. They are hardy and well-prepared for the late winter weather that they often encounter. Their ability to perennialize and naturalize an area prove that they can be counted on.

What makes an heirloom flower bulb special?

A flower bulb that is consider an heirloom has been around for generations. Heirloom bulbs are often originally from a stock of bulbs that have been saved over many years and may be difficult or impossible to find commercially, but are passed down among gardeners or specialty collectors. Many newer bulbs focus on bigger, better, and different but can sacrifice fragrance, adaptability to growing locations, ease of care, etc. When choosing between heirloom bulbs and modern bulbs, like larger trumpet daffodils, it is not a “either/or” but rather a “yes/and” conversation—what we mean is, use and enjoy them both!

We hope you try these beautiful flower bulbs in your garden. Call us today at 888-285-2486 (888-Bulb Hunt) or email us at or check out the product page where you can by Narcissus jonquilla “jonquil” flower bulbs at!

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