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Another Day in the Mud

I hate getting stuck.  Did anyone out there read my latest book “The Bulb Hunter” and remember the chapter where I got stuck on the

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Something Was Staring At Me

We had dinner tonight at a couple’s house with the last name Ball–they’re originally from Mississippi and their house was filled with interesting old pieces

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Eggplants and Katydids

This week I found myself in a garden of a friend that was filled with eggplant (Solanum melongena). He took the time to harvest some!

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Alpine Bulbs

I’ve read some about Alpine bulbs, but not near enough to know what I was looking at today. It has a yellow flower and almost

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Leaving Rockport

We said goodbye today to the Texas coastline and headed back to the pine trees and fresh water lakes of East Texas. We did go

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Ol’ Ags and New Seeds

Spent the night with some old friends/roommates from college in Houston tonight! Former students of Texas A&M are sometimes called ol’ Ags and unfortunately, we

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