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Crinum x herbertii

“…and mortal men cannot uproot it”

If you have ever tried to dig a mature clump of Crinum, it truly feels as if no mortal man can uproot them!  It can actually be done and I encourage everyone to try…once.  After that, hop on over to and browse for some bulbs we’ve already dug. I’m writing now (month of May) […]

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Which Sister is Shyer?

They are called “Twin Sisters” and it always seems that one is hiding behind the other.  Therefore, I have to conclude that one bloom is definitely shyer than the other!  Maybe one bloom is the youngest and always competing for attention–I was the youngest in my family so I can relate! This flower also goes […]

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Seeds of Habranthus robustus

Seedy Answers for Pink Blooms (aka “What do I do with pink rain lily seeds?”)

Can I grow bulbs from seeds? Yes. Well, some but not all.  Can I grow one of my favorite pink rain lilies from seed? Yes!  And quickly… Yesterday I was in North Dallas at a 125 year old Victorian home, and I was surprised to see an already bloomed pink rain lily (Habranthus robustus).  I […]

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Texas Tulips

  I’m excited to offer the Texas Tulip today (you may purchase here).  If you received “The Bulb Hunter” newsletter, so saw that I offered to expand on the offering here on the blog.   I believe it has been about 7 years since I offered the Texas tulip. Time really does fly. I’ve had […]

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Latest Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry’ Dig

By the way, if you’d like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, you may do so by clicking here. Here is one of latest videos on a dig of Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry’ in Central Texas.  Also below are some recent photos. I continue to love this bulb (you may buy some or read about […]

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Vegetable Gardening Tips and Video With Dr. Bill Welch

While we’ve made a more concerted effort to keep our social media accounts active, I have sadly let the blog slip.  However, I am running a newsletter tomorrow morning announcing some new products online such as the Lycoris squamigera (known as the pink naked lady) and two new products to our 10 for $10 page: […]

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Crinum ‘Bradley’ Blooming

Hello All,   The Crinum ‘Bradley’ are blooming and they look great. This first phots is from the garden bed in front of our shipping warehouse where they have mixed in nicely with a salvia selection. I took the photo this morning.  We just posted some online for sale. The have one nice open bloom […]

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Crinum ‘Mrs. James Hendry’ available

This is one of our favorite crinum bulbs, and we value it for the open blooms, good fragrance, nice foliage, repeat blooms, and strong stalks that don’t fall over when loaded with a big bloom. We never seem to have enough! However, our one gallon potted crop is coming along nicely and we are releasing […]

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Pink Rain Lily – Habranthus robustus

I’ve written about my favorite pink rain lily quite a bit in the past, but unfortunately some of my old blog posts have been deleted. As we head into the summer months, this is a good time to mention it again. About now, many of our spring bloomers are wrapping up and we’ve all been […]

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Spider Lily 3

Spider Lilies are Up

Hello All, Just a quick note to let you all know that we have posted two different selections for spider lily sales this year. Please see these links and enjoy! We’ll be sending out the full newsletter this Friday.   As a pack of 3 jumbo bulbs for $12 As a pack of 3 regular […]

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